Our Asset Management Strategies:  


     Historically, global macro multi-asset strategies were mainly offered by private hedge funds with limited transparency, relatively high minimum investment amounts of one million dollars (US $1,000,000) and lock-up periods of over three years.  Our minimum investment amount is two hundred fifty thousand dollars (US $250,000), our investing strategies are fully transparent to clients, as custody of client assets remain with Charles Schwab & Co., Inc. or Scottrade, Inc. - and we have no lock-up periods.  

1.  PDAM Global Alpha

     This unleveraged strategy is for clients who desire a global asset allocation strategy across a diverse spectrum of assets with capital appreciation goals and lower risk.  We mitigate investment risk by selecting investments that are quantifiably less correlated with each other, and with a client's overall portfolio.  The investments are allocated across a diverse spectrum of assets, including equities, fixed income, commodities, currencies and real estate.  These investments are also allocated between strategic and tactical allocations (approximately sixty‐seven percent to thirty‐three percent), meaning about two‐thirds of our exposure is longer term, over one year, and one‐thirds is shorter term, less than one year.  The beta, or risk level, of the portfolio is managed actively by integrating the tactical with the strategic, making it possible to dynamically adjust the net market exposure of the portfolio while concurrently enhancing performance.   

2.  PDAM Customized

     Our advisors can customize investment strategies for our individual and institutional clients in a manner appropriate to their investment needs and requirements.  This involves our clients working closely with our advisers in order to develop a strategy best suited for them.  Most of our strategies do not utilize the buying or selling of options, shorting of stocks or other higher risk investment techniques. 


     Our strategies do not involve frequent trading of securities, as we are not a high frequency trading firm, nor do we adhere to the doctrine that frequent trading results in higher performance.  On the contrary, our trades are done with relative infrequency, and only when our models provide an indication to do so.  We do not benefit from trading commissions, and have no mark-up from trading commissions.  Our clients are charged a flat rate directly from Charles Schwab, Scottrade or Interactive Brokers.