Our Performance:  PDAM Global Alpha - Growth with Low Volatility Since 2005.


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We believe our conservative, transparent strategies to be superior to other investment approaches in today's economic climate because of the following reasons:

1).  Bank CD's and money market funds are yielding historically low rates of return < 1.0%;

2).  Municipal Bonds, although they provide tax advantageous yields, may be risky today due to unprecedented fiscal issues with many municipalities.  Additionally, many municipal bond issues are difficult to research and obtain for the average investor, particularly when initially offered at par value, and are often purchased by individuals in the secondary bond market at premium to par value, with large commissions often paid to brokers;

3).  Corporate Bonds, in our opinion, are currently priced too high for their corresponding yield levels, and also may be difficult to obtain for the average investor.  High yield bonds, although they yield higher coupons, are more risky and subject to dramatic price fluctuations depending on global credit markets.  Today's higher price levels add to the risk;  high yield bonds are also generally subject to larger price adjustments than corporate bonds in the secondary market due to lower overall liquidity levels.  Again, large commissions may be paid to brokers;

4).  Annuities provide fixed or variable payouts in the future, but these payouts are often paid from the investment amounts put down today.  Additionally, insurance commissions are often cloaked, and can be unreasonably high;

5).  Stocks recommended by brokers of larger firms are often products which provide the firm and/or the broker the most economic benefit.  Also, large firms are limited to which products they may be able to recommend;

6).  ETFs (exchange-traded funds) selected as part of your portfolio may be correlated with the overall stock market to a higher degree than necessary, and may have liquidity and pricing concerns, among several other risks which need to be mitigated.


Our investing strategies offer the following benefits over these traditional investing options, particularly in today's investing climate:

1).  Our statistical and financial models provide asset allocation mixes for your portfolio across stocks, bonds, commodities, currencies and real estate, globally.  This helps diversify risk in your portfolio without compromising returns.  Generally private hedge funds utilize this type of strategy, but we have brought this option to those who seek such returns through their own accounts with no lock-up period.  We are considered a Liquid, Multi-Asset, Global ETF Alternative Investment Strategy;

2).  Our investment approach uses a combination of strategic (longer than one year) and tactical (less than one year) investing styles, which offers investment balance supported by our models, and means we do not actively trade your portfolio.  Rather, we adjust your portfolio periodically according to our risk models, the added benefit being limited trading commissions.  This enables us to dynamically adjust your portfolio's risk levels;

3).  Private hedge funds or mutual funds with similar global macro investment approaches may charge higher fees and offer limited transparency; 

4).  We offer full transparency in real time, as all assets remain in your name, or your designated person or company, and are held with our custodian partner firms Charles Schwab, Inc. and Scottrade, Inc.  You will receive monthly statements from Schwab or Scottrade, as well as our monthly performance reports.